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5 Ed-Tech Tools with High-Tech Returns for Parents!

So, now you're a teacher. Have no fear, I'm here to break it and then down for you. The following list of ed-tech tools are FREE to use and can help you at any spectrum: extreme techie to a beginner level user.

Welcome to your classroom- this could be your living room, a kitchen table, a counter- wherever you decide to set up your student's (son/daughter) classroom.

Here are some tech-tools that I know you're going to really appreciate:

This tool is amazing. It's simple and effective. Plus, you do not need to create an account or set up student profiles. AirPano offers an immersive 3D/Virtual experience (I like calling them Global EdVentures). Their panoramas are widely used by the leading western companies, such as Google, Microsoft, LG, Samsung, Starbucks, Nokia, and others. AirPano Travel Book App was listed among the best applications of the year 2014 according to Apple.

If you love AirPano, you're going to fall deeper in love with 360Cities is the source of 360° imagery for EdTech service providers, educational publishers, digital advertising agencies, and VR/AR/MR experience developers. They've been curating and licensing high quality, fully 360° interactive panoramic photos and videos for over 10 years and have rewarded thousands of passionate VR photographers and videographers from around the world with royalties on their work. Did I mention that it's also free to access?

If you're going to organize your classroom- let's be might as well have a virtual classroom. Google Classroom offers exceptional support to keep that virtual classroom. There's even a grade book option. Now, imagine giving your own son/daughter a failing grade and having them ask for a re-test. Extra-credit could be a life skill (washing the dishes). I offer regular virtual trainings on setting up Google Classrooms, so feel free to message me here and I'd be happy to share resources!

If Snapchat and education had a child it would be Flipgrid. The wonderful thing about Flipgrid is that it allows students to respond in a video-like manner with filters and stickers! Flipgrid is 100% free for all educators, learners, and families. The platform engages and empowers every voice in your classroom or at home by recording and sharing short, awesome videos...together!

If you're getting restless at home and your quarantine-routine is getting the best of your students (children), then GoNoodle just might be the brain break they need...okay, you might need it, too. What I absolutely love about GoNoodle is their approach to the whole-child and the manner in which they touch upon social-emotional learning. The platform engages 14 million kids every month with movement and mindfulness videos created by child development experts. Available for free at school, home, and everywhere kids are!

I hope these tools above, at the very minimum provide a little springboard into owning and honing your classroom teaching skills. If this is your first time "home" teaching due to the current situation (covid-19), don't stress yourself out. Every teacher that I've worked with and trained strives to create positive experiences for students. That's the ultimate goal. Be positive for your students (children) and you'll be winning.

-Dr. Fidelio

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