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Cracking the Code to These 5 FREE History Programs!

Parents and guardians (teachers) alike we enjoy these educational programs! 5 free programs that can teach you and your child (I mean student) a couple things about world history. In an effort to move forward, shouldn't we learn a little about our past?

From Stanford History Education Group, these world history lessons are a great resource for students and teachers to use to learn and create engaging curriculum surrounding the history of the world. View the lesson on Hammurabi's Code, download powerpoints, and soon you'll be diving deep in a rich lesson. With nearly 40 world history lessons available, more are on their way. Get there, create a free account and get going!

This one is definitely up there for me! I think for children to authentically understand history at a young age- you have to show them what children at their age were experiencing in that time-frame/era. Children & Youth in History provides teachers the opportunity to search primary sources about youth in history! You can search by region, case studies, and even teaching modules! For example, what was it like to a be a child in 1348 Italy during The Black Death? Scary...most definitely.

The online exhibitions housed on the website of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum are a valuable resource for teaching students about the Holocaust. You can even create lessons around important topics like anti-Semitism and what Jewish life was like in Europe way before the Holocaust. There are also a number of online activities and research projects students can participate in by accessing the museum’s collection of resources. offers students and teachers the opportunity to blast off into the past with sweet interactive games and online activities that your son/daught/student's are going to love. make learning about history fun and truly engaging. Did I mention that there's a free online textbook tool, too?

Looking to complement your history lessons with video clips and audio? Check out these celebrated speeches and interviews of the 20th and 21st centuries! The History Channel has a great collection of audio clips from some of the most famous recorded moments of recent history.

I hope these resources help you!

-Dr. Fidelio

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