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Digital Falcons..
We are very fortunate to have Mrs. Pat Aguilar Fitzgerald at Los Fresnos High
Guardian Technology Literacy classes at LFU
Buñuelos by one our sweetest Pre-K teachers. She said, _Thank you for lighting my path!_ It immediat
Thank you Maria Edith Treviño Espinosa for the blender and salsa recipe
I am blessed and honored to have taken a front seat with my doctoral colleague Maria Edith Treviño E
Here's a picture of me and one of our awesome Deans Mrs. Amanda Martinez! We are super lucky to have
Today, it was Ugly Sweater day at the DSC! I got mine at Walmart! One of our awesome strategists cre
I was incredibly blessed to present at the RGV Texas Association for Bilingual Education 2017 Confer
Once, when I was a high school film teacher, I  created a Christmas tree made out of books and VHS t
guardians and member
Today, I had the pleasure of providing a training on GoNoodle, which is a wacky and fun way to bring
I was very lucky to be given the opportunity to participate in the Los Fresnos CISD Career Fair! Wha
I had a great time meeting Tech Ninja Todd today at Region One ESC
Great training on CompassLearning
Thank you Dr
I'm so excited to share that our high school English 3 students wrote a 5th grade version of Beowulf
We had a cookie exchange at the DSC today. I have not yet mastered the art of baking. However, I sti
Today, I delivered a presentation to high school CTE students on Prezi, Office Sway, and Haiku Deck.

Thank you Mrs. Janice for having me present to your #LosFresnosHigh students!

Today, I visited Lopez-Riggins Elementary! I loved how they integrated math into the music lessons!
Special shout out to my awesome partner Maria Edith Treviño Espinosa for taking this picture!  Great
My awesome team and I had a great time meeting with school leaders at Olmito Elementary! We cannot w
We received shirts from Palmer Laakso Elementary! I can't wait to wear them!
I love dropping by to this school! The energy is real! 👍🏻❤️👍🏻
This is how we start our morning meetings. We practice karate poses
Getting ready to present
The Media Specialist just told us about #shelfies Shelfies is an initiative to promote literacy. Tak
I got to visit Villarreal Elementary School today and see how the new tablets are working out! #Sams
You can't help but smile at all the great things going on at Rancho Verde Elementary!
Met the Instructional Coaches at RMS
Behind the scenes- prepping for our presentations. Check out these cool #Android #Apps by grade leve
media center at Los Fresnos Elementary
I'm proud to say that we will be embarking on several Twitter EdChats this year! Each Twitter EdChat
Our CTE Director Mr
Classrooms should have a theme of some sort. A theme that allows you to make a personal connection w
This year, we will be incorporating a virtual scavenger hunt for middle school students to help impr
The Media Specialist at LFU created a Where Will You Be Going map! I thought this was a good set up
Our Villareal Elementary School Media Specialist set up a tent and a pretend camp fire to get childr
Today, I had the great pleasure of visiting a Kindergarten classroom. I sat and saw magic happen bef
Collaboration is important. Today, I collaborated with Mr
This is a ReadBox- just like a RedBox but only this one has books
I had such a fun time with all of the 9th and 10th grade English teachers at LFU! I trained them on
We visited a high school English class and got to see how Mrs. Evans is using current pop music to s
All roads would have led me here. This is only the beginning
Today, our team was able to meet two amazing Chemistry teachers! I enjoyed seeing them film their Ba
If every student is unique and different, than isn't it awesome to let them show their individual co
What a Bright Bunch of students! Very innovative wall art
Great learning begins with a little bit of structure and organization. Just a little bit, enough for
Here's a picture after I gave a training on Virtual Field Trips! You don't have to get a bus roster
All the children at Dora Romero Elementary are using the Seven Habits! Notice the monkeys calling ou
Before I presented on Virtual Field Trips, a history teacher told me that he wears a Pirate hat and
Every child should be given the opportunity to dream their dream and wish their wish
Thank you Maria Edith Treviño Espinosa for letting me borrow your pirate hat! It helped me  Think Ou
I will preface the picture with- I did not cook this. In fact, a wonderful veteran teacher had a bir
Great presentation on Haiku Deck. Teachers go check out the free version of Haiku Deck and you'll ge
When the Media Specialist at Liberty Memorial Middle School told me that they accepted credit cards
The theme is Rock-N-Roll for the first Assistant Principal, Instructional Officer, and Dean of Acade
Today, Maria Edith Treviño Espinosa and I trained teachers on Sharp School- the program that we use
I brought donuts and cookies to our MackinVIA presentation
Today, I visited a Special Ed classroom and was truly impressed with how the teacher was using Lenov
Maria Edith Treviño Espinosa and I were provided with a pretty spectacular opportunity today
Celebrating Banned Books Week at every school! How far we've come! 🤓❤️🔥📚
This. View. Is. Everything. __This is the view that several English classrooms have at the Los Fresn
Wow! Today, I was given a very unique opportunity! Maria Edith Treviño Espinosa and I met Mrs
Rene F Garza, our techie-ninja set up more  Twitter accounts at Villareal Elementary! __We're preppi
Math teachers rock! Twitter training with #MakeItHappenLMMS was fantastic! Nesie-Robert Garza 😀❤️👍
An appreciated teacher is a motivated one
Since 1986, AMIkids Rio Grande Valley has been dedicated to helping kids discover the potential with
I've used Skype. I've used Oovoo. FaceTime- check
So many different languages, but one message. Make sure it's the most positive one
What a beautiful day! #Sandcastledays
Thank you Mrs
Today, I got to train teachers on how to use Plickers in the classroom! Rene F Garza trained me on t
Today, I presented the Testing & Education Reference Center (TERC) at LFHS
Here's a picture of some of the most amazing LFCISD Media Specialists that came out to show how they
Thank you Principal Veroni Grim for the wonderful experience
Sister Potts teaching me how to play the drum
After presenting today at the Region One Fall Media Conference, I felt a warmth take over me
This Fall, the library at Dora Romero Elementary has pumpkin fever! Look at all the beautiful design
When I Edith and I arrived we saw a poster that had our photo on it! It warmed our hearts! __Thank y
Great lunch meeting with Dr
Our presentation to all the new teachers was a success! #DigitalFalcons #RanchoVerde
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